26 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know About And Why.


Stop guessing and use this method to tell good eggs from bad ones.

Are you one of those people who pull when a door is marked push? Do you run into the corners of your bed even though you know your room like the back of your hand? You're not an idiot. You're just a creature of habit.

As creatures of habit, we tend to make the same mistakes. However, it's never too late to replace them with better ones. You can do so with a bit of creativity and practice.

The 26 hacks below will teach you some ways to better handle everyday things and make you feel like the best little problem solver there ever was. No more face palming for you. You'll be more like, "Look at me now."

Discount Queens

To make hard taco shells, drape tortillas over your oven racks like this.

Plain Chicken

You can make one-of-a-kind gourmet pastries with lace and confectioners sugar.

Sweet Verbena

Add a marshmallow (or a slice of bread) to your brown sugar to keep it soft.

James Ransom/Food 52

Save your feet by breaking in your shoes with a thick pair of socks (or two) and apply heat with a hair dryer on low. Repeat the process with another layer of socks if additional stretching is needed.


Use a cookie cutter to decorate the top of a cake.

Little Life of Mine

Shrunk your T-shirt again? Add the T-shirt to a mixture of water and hair conditioner, stretch, then dry!

Hack My Life TruTV

Remove pills with a razor, then use a lint roller or a piece of tape to clean up the mess.

Cotton & Curls

Work like a pro in the kitchen with a hands-free cookbook hung by a pant hanger.

Whole Lifestyle Nutrition

You can at least look like a connoisseur by correcting the way you hold a wine glass.

Wine Folly

Tuck the corners of your fitted sheet into one another to fold it correctly.

Laura's Crafty Life

Are your muscles a little weak? Use duct tape to remove a stubborn lid.


To do as little peeling as possible, crack the ends of a hardboiled eggs and blow.


Improve the appearance of your hardwood floors by rubbing them with raw walnuts. This will help "erase" marks, depending on the type of wood.

Green Idea Reviews

Fold your socks using the KonMari method to keep their shape; they're also much easier to store this way.


Revive your eyeliner with a match or lighter.

Kathleen Kamphausen/Cosmopolitan

Don't tell the kids to put away their Legos. Use them to introduce fractions.


To dry a pair of damp shoes, pack them with pieces of crumpled newspaper. This will also help to deodorize and maintain its shape.

Amy Scalia/Famous Footwear

Prevent a perfectly good birthday cake from going stale with toothpicks and bread.

Created by Diane

Hang long sprigs of fresh eucalyptus in your bathroom for an aromatic shower experience.

The Chic Site

Repurpose a plastic cereal dispenser into a trash can for your car.


Chilling your cookie dough for as little as 30 minutes can bring out the color and flavor in your batches.

King Arthur Flour

Tuck in the extra parts of your king pillowcases and smooth over to fit your standard pillow better.

Makely Home

Use frozen grapes to chill wine without watering it down.

The Geek Pub

Make the perfect ice cream sandwich by slicing a pint of ice cream horizontally.

Ben & Jerry's

Save time by removing your shirt with one swift move.