"Boyfriend Wants To Propose With His Ex-Girlfriend's Ring."

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A woman created a Reddit post titled “Is it unreasonable rejecting an old engagement ring?”

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you know it’s going to go one of two ways. He’s either going to propose to you, or he’s going to dump you. Well, a Reddit user named “thatgirlwithqns” was lucky. She got proposed to, but there was one tiny problem. Actually, it was a rather large problem. The ring was fine. The rock was impressive, but it was originally meant for her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. So “thatgirlwithqns” turned to Reddit for advice on what she should do and her story went viral.

She went by the name “thatgirlwithqns” and shared that she wasn’t sure what to do after her boyfriend proposed to her with a customized ring originally meant for his ex-girlfriend. Anyone in her predicament would have understood.

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She totally got the practicality of what he had done by recycling the old ring.

From his perspective, he did nothing wrong, but she didn’t like the idea of accepting an engagement ring that was once meant for someone else. At least he was kind enough to ask if she was okay with him proposing with the old engagement ring.


She had talked about marriage with her boyfriend for quite a while, so it wasn’t a surprise.

She had also known he had been with his ex for four years and had intended to marry her before they called it quits! He had probably kept the wedding ring because it was sourced overseas and cost a couple of thousand dollars, not to mention the cost of flying to and from the place he bought it from.


She asked Redditors if she was being unreasonable if she rejected the engagement ring.

By not buying a new ring, they could have saved that money for a new house. She wasn’t even asking for an expensive new ring full of diamonds. But she expected her boyfriend to buy the ring with her in mind, at least. They could have sold the old ring, but he would have gotten less than he bought for it.

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She turned to Redditors and what she got were tons of opinions suggesting she get a new ring.

When it comes to an engagement ring, the consensus from Redditors was that her boyfriend should be less practical and more romantic by getting her a new ring. But one user wrote that their dad proposed with a recycled ring and was happily married for 47 years ago. In the end, marriage is about love, not the ring.

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