20 Basic Eyeliner Looks That Every Woman Needs To Know.


Layer your black eyeliner with a bright colored eyeliner right on top.

Not every woman wears makeup. And for women who do wear makeup, not every one wears the same amount. Some ladies like to contour their faces, some don’t. Some ladies like to plump their lips with lipstick, some don’t. The one makeup product most girls seem to universally use, however, is eyeliner. It really is odd how a simple black line added to the top or bottom of the lash line can make a woman feel a million times prettier – but that’s just how it is.

That being said, most women recreate the same eyeliner style everyday. They get comfortable with their go-to look but don’t they ever get bored with the same look everyday?

This one goes out to all the ladies who are looking to experiment. Just below, we’ve gathered a few unique and innovative ways to change up your average eyeliner look. Check them out and give some a try.

Add some eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes to make your eye shape pop out more.

Wings come in all sizes! The bigger the wing, the more eyeliner added to your lash line.

Create a feathered style eyeliner for a more unique look.

Tired of the same old black eyeliner everyday? Add some color!

Eyeliners come in various colors.

Eyeliner doesn't always have to be dramatic. Do a simple look by following the lash line with one stroke.

Or if you want to add just a little more oomph, add just a little more eyeliner to the wing for this look.

Want to go for a bold look? Recreate this look by filling out the eyelid for a dramatic smokey eye.

Add a golden highlight to your cat-eye for that subtle glamorous look.

Can't decide between colors? Use them all!

Use white eyeliner for a more natural bare-face look.

Add some flicky lines to the ends of your eyeliner to take your cateye to the next level.

Add a second wing to create a more quirky look.

Add eyeliner to only the outer half of your bottom lash line for a more elegant look.

Sometimes the bottom lash line needs more attention. Try using a dark bold eyeliner and top it off with a line of brown eyeshadow for this sultry look.

Recreate this V-shape liner by only putting eyeliner on the outer edges of both your top and bottom lash lines.

Use a metallic eyeliner for a more rock-glam look.

Try using a white eyeliner and then outlining with black to create this edgy Twiggy look.

Recreate this creative look by adding a line of eyeliner to you eyelid's crease and connecting it to the wing.

If you like experimenting, try out this punk-rock look by adding two slanted lines to the bottom of the wing.