Check Out How Your Favorite Celebrities Will Look As Seniors With The FaceApp.

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Bradley Cooper might have walked right pass her if he saw the aging filtered version of Lady Gaga.

The internet community has already been blessed by face-swapping and gender-swapping filters, but a new filter is really making people look old before their time. By now, you’ve probably stumbled onto social media’s latest trend—the aging filter. Everyone seems to be trying it, even celebrities. FaceApp, a photo-editing app, is adding tons of wrinkles and white hairs to selfies that are so realistic, it’s like everyone’s literally getting a glimpse into how they’ll look in the future, and it’s not always pretty. So take a look to see what your favorite celebrities are going to look like in a couple of years.

She looks more like Lady Grandma, but that’s okay. If Madonna can still look awesome at 60, then we’re sure Gaga will continue to wow us on stage with her incredible voice when she’s older. But would she consider bringing the meat suit back?