38 Funny Faces Hiding In Random Objects… #17 Is Hilarious.


Who dares to enter my grounds?!

Have you ever taken a stroll in the city and notice a face formed by the buildings’ windows? Or have you ever stared up at the sky and see various familiar shapes in the clouds – whether it be faces, objects, or even animals? Well if you have, don’t worry. You’re not as crazy as you think you are. There’s actually a term for it: pareidolia. It’s all psychological, our minds recognize a familiar pattern of something where none really exists.

Well I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a case of pareidolia every day – always seeing faces in different places. Rather than feeling crazy, I feel amused. Hopefully you do too when you take a look at the collection we’ve gathered of faces in unusual places.


You better calm down there, sonny.


I'm sinking, I'm sinking!


An alien army.

Pane de Mesa

Buckle up!

What you talkin' bout willis?!

Ann Rushworth

He looks like he's having a fun time.

Dave Stringer

Our thermometer's sad, guys.

Beth Lovell

Oh, hi there.

Mark Dixon

I'm feeling a lot of mixed emotions here.

Sharad Sharma

Is mad about your stinky feet.

Feelin' alive!


Hello, I'm a little lost.

Munki Munki



Very unamused.


Have you got some oil for me?

Jeremy Bloomfield

Could you turn down the noise please?

Harvey Barrison

Is it morning already?

Craig Brown

Cheshire cat!

Marte Ødegaard

Just leave me alone already!

Jeremy Bloomfield

Isn't happy about that new fabric softener you bought.

I hope they don't notice.

Carol Ball

No more dishes please!

David J Dalley

How nice of you to come visit me.

Kathy Kirkpatrick



Feelin' a little strung out.


Why so grumpy?

Ian Jacobs

Dang you got some big lips.

Bill Kennedy

Feeling fabulous.


Please not again sir.

Jonathan Millar

Na na na na, Elmo's world.


Psychedelic bro.


Family sticks together.

Omar Marques

Is it time for my singing solo?

Riccardo Meneghini

What a handsome looking car.


I'm a little teapot, short and stout.

Miklos Kiss


Craig Brown

I saw a shark and he saw me.

Grahame Waldron