14 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Make You Adore Them Even More.

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Kids who grow up in a household with a dog tend to become more well-adjusted adults later in life.

Ask any dog lover, and they’ll tell you that canine companions add warmth and comfort to people’s lives. But there’s a great deal of evidence that suggests that owning a dog might actually improve your overall health too. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when your pooch walks into a room or cuddles next to you? They’re pawsome creatures who have the ability to make a positive impact on your physical health as well as your mood. So, in honor of man’s best friend, we’re providing you with a series of fun facts that will make you love your dog even more.

Studies have shown that kids develop a stronger immune system if they live with dogs. That means they won’t have to worry about a lot of allergies. But other research shows that dogs teach kids how to become responsible, happy and caring human beings. So, it’s a physical and psychological win-win!