A Guy’s Entire Year Of FAILED Attempts Will Make You LOL At His Perseverance.

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When life gets hard, sometimes the best thing we can do is focus on the simple things: A bright sunny day, a hot cup of coffee, or witnessing a man finally achieve his life's dream of throwing a spoon and having it land in his coffee cup.

Okay, okay: That last thing is pretty specific and, as you'll see from this video, not at all simple. In fact, this young guy recorded a years worth of spoon-to-cup attempts, days upon days spent trying to achieve what seems to be impossible. Bearing witness to his struggle is actually difficult, so we can only imagine how he must have felt while he tried, seemingly in vain, to make it happen.

But then, just when you think you can't watch anymore, it does happen. His reaction is worth the wait, and we are treated to the moment a man finally touches his dreams. You never thought you'd root for something like this, but you will, and the moment it happens is totally magical.

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