Mysterious Miniature Doors Are Appearing All Over This Quiet American City. No One Knows Why.


When one peeks inside, the fairies design their place just like the Peaceable Kingdom book store.

Do you believe in fairies? If in doubt, you may want to visit Ann Arbor, Michigan. This quiet city is proof that fairies do exist. All you have to do is go to the local coffee shop, Sweetwater's Coffee and Tea, where you will find a tiny fairy door. It appeared in 2005 without any explanation and just 10 days later, the book store Peaceable Kingdom also had a fairy door appear. Today, the tiny doors are almost everywhere in Ann Arbor: the Mott Children’s hospital, the library, and the Google offices.

The phenomenon has been welcomed by the residents with open arms. As you can imagine, the children are loving it. They leave pennies, candies and letters for the winged elves and it's no surprise that children have the highest percentage of fairy sightings in the picturesque city.

Perhaps fairies feel more comfortable to being seen since Jonathan B. Wright, Fairyologist and author of Who's Behind the Fairy Doors?, lives in Ann Arbor.

Take a look at some of the popular locations the enchanted pixies are calling home.

Their store is closed.

Ann Arbor Public Library

Inside the shop at Sweetwater's Coffee and Tea.

Fairies also need a place to read.

The enchanted also set home outside the coffee shop.

Mott Children's hospital

Red Shoes store

Children leave tokens for the pixies.

It's not Google, it's Giggle.

Shevel Gallery

Are you a believer now?