20 Magical Photos That Prove Norway Is Basically A Real Life Fairy Tale.


This barn in Valldal is surrounded by some amazing landscaping.

Norway is a magical place, filled with gorgeous fjords, compelling Viking history, and plenty of tall blondes. It also boasts something else that will make you want to visit: Incredible architecture that looks like it's straight out of a fairytale.

Many of these buildings and structures were built in the Middle Ages, and set against the backdrop of Norway's amazing natural landscape, it almost feels like a scene out of a Tolkien novel. After looking at the pictures below, be honest: Wouldn't you love to get lost here?

Oddleiv Apneseth

The Borgund Stave Church looks like something out of a dream.

Tnarik Innael

A bridge over the Låtefossen waterfall.

Max Rive

The ancient road Vindhellavegen.

Kolin's Travels

Kvednafossen Waterfall behind a small cottage.

Lars Neumann

Tjome, Norway, which looks like it's on the edge of the earth.

Allan Pedersen

An amazing cottage under the Aurora.

Hans Marius Mindrum

An old village full of cute, red houses.


Lake Bondhus looking eery, and yet, still inviting.

Jindra Rotscheid

Møre Og Romsdal on a bright, sunny day.

Johanne Marie Rogn

The northern lights over the fishing village of Bugøynes.

Runar Pettersen

The Vardøhus Fortress is geometric and charming.

Runar Pettersen

The Magic Kingdom Of Bekkelaget definitely looks like something from another world.

Michael Marveng-Puckett

Renndølsetra, a gorgeous mountain town


Some of Norway's oldest farmhouses.


A house with trees growing on it.

Robert Snow

This house is incredibly old, and it's set against the backdrop of some amazing topography.


This bridge overlooking a waterfall is simply magnificent.

will zhang

The Borgund Stavkirke has such an amazing spire.

Kamila Bilska

These fjord houses just might have a few magical beings living inside of them.


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