Fascinating Recreated Family Photos

The brothers who brush together, stay together.

Family photos are ridiculously fun to look like, especially if your parents were total shutterbugs in your formative years. If so, there are endless photos of you in the bath, in your Halloween costume, frolicking at the beach and making a mess of your dinner -- and if you've got siblings, there are hundreds more of them doing some version of the same.

Yes, our childhood photos can take us down memory lane -- but they can also inspire you to create new photos, years later, of the same things you were doing way back when. These are 30 people who did just that, recreating their childhood photos to make something even funnier, all as a tribute to their childhood adorableness. Check out some of their photos below, and prepare to get inspired: You may have never thought you'd take a bath your your little brother again, but these photos prove that you might want to do just that.

All these years, and one of them still hasn't learned the importance of dental hygiene.