The Actual Business Cards Of 35 Really Famous People… #20 Has A Twisted Sense Of Humor.


Mark Zuckerberg

How much time did you spend designing your business card? Are you a template kind of person, or a "I spent 37 painstaking hours trying to perfect the kern of my font" kind of person? Do you even carry business cards at all, or do you prefer to keep it digital?

If you're an old-school-card-carrying-design-lover, you're really going to dig these 35 business cards belonging to some of the world's most high-profile people collected by the Internet for your viewing pleasure. Some of them are pretty slick, and may even give you a little bit of card inspiration for your next batch. Others are beyond reproach - we're looking at you, Houdini.

Steven Jobs

Evan Williams

Steve Wozniak

Lady Gaga

Eric Schmidt

Richard Nixon

John Wayne

Tim Berners-Lee

He invented the World Wide Web in 1989.

The Beatles

Sigmund Freud

Andy Warhol

Larry Page

Arnold Schwarzenegger

John Donahoe

Bill Gates

The Wright Brothers

Walt Disney

The Donald

Steve Martin

Albert Einstein

Harry Houdini

Fidel Castro

John F. Kennedy

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barack Obama

Edward Ruscha

Warren Buffet

Abraham Lincoln

Neil Armstrong

William Carlos Williams

Meg Whitman

Lucas Rocha

Isaac Asimov

Kevin Mitnick

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