A Gorilla Family Just Spotted A Tiny Caterpillar, Their Reaction Is Priceless.

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The caterpillar is a fascinating insect. Aside from its bright and furry body, this tiny creature moves in wavelike motions with ease. Two gorillas at the Calgary Zoo in Canada discovered the tiny larvae around their enclosure.

Yewande is the first to notice the miniature visitor until her father Kakinga pushes her aside to get a closer look. The caterpillar seems unfazed by the Western lowland gorillas staring at it. These primates belong to a species that has the status of critically endangered. Poaching and disease are major factors in their decline.

The Calgary Zoo staff describes Kakinga as the leader of the troop. He has a calm and gentle nature. So it comes as no surprise the silverback and his daughter did not squish or flicker the caterpillar. Instead, they welcomed it as a guest in their home.

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