See How Much Women’s Fashion Has Changed In 100 Years. I Wish We Were Still In The 60’s.

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The only thing more fascinating than seeing how fashion has dramatically changed over the last century is also seeing how much today's styles reflect the past. Sure, you might not dress like a full-blown 1970's hippy, but you can bet that department stores are still carrying menswear-inspired denim jumpsuits. And while you're not particularly interested in dressing like a character from Mad Men, you probably have at least one or two full midi skirts in your closet.

That's the great thing about fashion: The more trends change, the more inspiration you're able to pull from to dress yourself in 2015. This video represents 100 years of fashion in two minutes, and highlights some of the biggest trends of all time. Take a look and see what you might have tucked away in your closet.


Next, here's some fashion tips from grandmothers of New York.

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