This Dog Spent His Entire Life Trapped Inside A Steel Cage, Watch Him Touch Grass For The First Time.

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Each year, more than two million dogs are bred and subsequently butchered in South Korea, part of east Asia's centuries-old yet barbaric dog meat trade. In other countries, such as China, dogs are stolen from the streets and slaughtered. In South Korea, however, there are actually farms that breed dogs specifically for human consumption.

When rescuers dismantle these farms, they usually find a mix of breeds, including large mastiffs, chihuahuas, and Jindo mixes. Pocket the puppy was one of more than 100 animals living on a farm like this. When he was found, he was filthy, neglected, and had never seen grass before.

Until now, that is. Watch Pocket's reintroduction to the world - and all the grass in it - below.


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