Stray Kitten Got His Head Stuck In An IRON Fence. The Way They Rescued Him… GENIUS.

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It didn’t seem there was a lot of hope for a cat who got stuck in an iron fence. But it was all in a day's work for the Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team or SMART from Los Angeles, California, who have a 100% save rate.

The stray named Midnight by the mobile team was showing two wounds from BB gun pellets. Armando Navarrete, who was in charge of the rescue, believes the feline “got shot, ran, and went through the wrong hole.” With the help of a vet technician, the kitty was sedated and rubbed with oil to gently pull him from the metal fence.

It is believed Midnight is about two to three years old. He was known to wonder around in his neighbourhood. You will be holding your breath at 2:18.


The good news is Midnight was adopted by a loving family and now has a forever home.

Next, he rescued a kitty but what the feline did for him is amazing.

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