A Stranger Hit His Car And Left This HILARIOUS Note.

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Is it possible to hit someone's car and make their day in the same day? Just ask Thomas, whose fender bender story has received over 80k likes on Twitter.

On May 5, Thomas Callow, a 20-year-old college student, was headed for his car in New Bedford, Massachusetts after breezing through an English exam. It was there in the parking lot that he discovered a curious piece of paper attached to his car.

“I thought [it] was a parking ticket because I get those everyday,” Callow told NY Mag over Twitter DM.

According to one survey, two parking tickets are issued per college student each year, so it wouldn't have been a huge surprise. However, the paper was actually a note from an anonymous person who had scratched his bumper.

Scroll below to see the original note and the trending responses that followed.

->**"Yo I hit your car. I’m leaving this note cause someone’s watching … They’re still watching … Okay I’m good. My bad n*gga. Peace."**<-

->**“I wasn’t mad, the car I have is very old,” Callow insisted as his story was picked up by several media outlets. “I thought the whole thing was awesome. Whoever wrote the note made a lot of people’s days.”**<-

->**If that wasn't enough, he's also made it on the news...**<-

->**...and has been recognized in public.**<-

->**The incident has sparked an ongoing conversation in the Twitter community.**<-

->**Isn't it great to see the world coming together one tweet at a time?**<-


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