She Figure Skated On Top Of A Mountain… At 1:06 You Can Literally FEEL The Awe.

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Katrina Lazzarotto was given a once in a lifetime opportunity; to go figure skating on top of a mountain in British Columbia, Canada. Although Lazzarotto had not skated for about four years, the thrill of the adventure was too hard to pass up.

Helicopter pilot Bradley Friesen flew 5,000 feet high in the Rocky Mountains. Friesen dropped Lazzarotto on a frozen, alpine lake. While she skated, seven GoPro cameras were attached to the chopper, capturing the stunning scenery. For the Vancouver resident, this experience has been the “most breath-taking and exhilarating and liberating moment of my life,” says Lazzarotto.

The video was shot around Golden Ears Provincial Park in the wintertime. Friesen flew his helicopter above, turning, and encircling his friend while all her skating moves naturally came back to her. After watching this incredible clip, alpine skating may become a bucket list item for skaters everywhere.

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