Man Reunited With Therapy Dog After She Was Lost In Mountains For 28 Days.

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As an emergency medical technician (EMT) from Santa Clarita, Justin Scott has an extremely tough job.

Nothing can compare to the connection that some humans have with their pets, especially when the pet has been through thick and thin with them. Some animals have the uncanny ability to understand when their owner doesn't feel good or they're going through a rough patch in their lives. When they do notice, they try to do everything they can to make their owner feel better, even if that means licking their face until they need a shower. This man made a promise to the dog that saved his life, but he never thought that he would have to follow through with it so soon after making it.

On one hand, he has experienced a lot of incredible moments, but on the other, he’s also experienced tremendous pain. Fortunately, unlike many others, he didn’t have to go through the hard times by himself.

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