Husky Puppy Attempts His First Howl. This Is The Cutest Noise You’ll Hear Today.

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Huskies are known for their howls. In fact, some people believe that this breed does not know how to bark. They do, they just use barking as an invitation to play. This sled dog uses howls a lot like wolves do, to communicate with their pack. One puppy keeps practicing his tone and his hard work is caught on camera. You can tell he's making sure it commands attention and respect as a pack leader. He may sound cute now but this little guy has to get it just right. After all, the deeper the howl, the more respect the canine will get and eventually, he may become the alpha of the pack or at the very least, have the run of his house.

Husky Puppy Attempts His First Howl

Huskey's first howl is the most adorbs thing you will see today...

Posted by Break on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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