Guy Tries To Impress Girl By Jumping Between Buildings, And It ALMOST Works.

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Here are the two buildings that he tried to jump between. As you can see, they aren't very far apart.

How far would you go to impress a girl you like? Would you buy her flowers, sing her a song, maybe even offer to take her parents out to dinner? Or, would you do what University of Pittsburgh student Grant Birdsong did, and try to jump between two buildings to impress her?

Okay, we definitely don't recommend his methods -- especially once we found out what happened to him as a result.

It's hard to describe this situation without being totally blunt, so we will be: When Grant Birdsong leapt between two buildings to impress a girl, and when he did, he got stuck between them. As in, he got wedged between two walls and had to be removed by authorities.

We know -- it's basically the most embarrassing thing ever. Read more about this story -- and remind yourself why you should never, ever try this at home.


The trouble was that one was a little bit taller than the other -- he didn't make it, and he fell between the buildings instead.

Pittsburgh Public Safety

It took emergency responders nearly four hours to free Birdsong, eventually having to break a hole in the wall in a Qdoba restaurant to break him out.

Pittsburgh Public Safety

"We had people on the roof. One of the paramedics did rappel down three stories to render assistance and also provide us some landmarks as to where he was. Once the paramedic was there we reassessed where he was and cut the second hole," said Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich.

Pittsburgh Public Safety

Birdsong got out of the situation with a broken ankle, but the two buildings involves suffered the brunt of the damage.


We can't help but feel bad for the guy, but then again -- Maybe try a bouquet of roses next time?

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