Artists Turn Boats Into Art And Photography Studios And Are Now Sailing Across Europe.


This boat looks like the coolest place to live, and a night aboard can certainly be a magical experience.

Imagine if you could eat, sleep, live and work in a house that's absolutely dreamy? And best of all, you'd be doing all that while you were floating in the waters of Europe! Now it might sound like an absolute fantasy, but for German artists Maciej Markowicz and Claudius Schulze, this is a reality. As the two travel around Europe using their project 2Boats, they get to enjoy the perks of living in a room illuminated by ethereal lights indoors snuggling with a cozy blanket, or looking out at the always changing and beautiful scenery as they float across the water.

The most interesting part about this place is that unlike a conventional boat, this one has been designed to look like a small house, complete with all the comforts of home, except that you can take this home anywhere you want.

This isn't just some remote Airbnb that travelers can stay in but rather an outstanding project.

Maciej Markowics and Claudius Schulze are two talented geniuses who put their heads together and came up with the 2boats project that allows them and others to experience some of the most beautiful cities across Europe, but for a different perspective.

This house is literally floating in the river, which gives Claudius Schulze, who owns the boat, freedom!

He actually used to live aboard this boat before he and Maciej decided to come up with the concept of the projects. Now it provides a reliable mode of transportation while continuing to serve its original purpose.

Schulze's boat has all the amenities of home, but that's mainly because it is his home.

The interior has everything you'd expect like plants, beautiful fairy lights, and of course, a place to sleep. You can also look out the window and enjoy the water and the city from pretty much anywhere. Oh, and he has a cat too.

When the home boat is docked, it serves a bigger purpose than just a place to live and explore.

The project has attracted a lot of visitors into Schulze's boat, and they often come to talk about art, creative ideas, the environment, and other visions that can allow their imagination to expand and explode.

If you're wondering what Maciej Markowicz's role is in this entire project, you'll need to look closely.

He's not an easy person to find because he's aboard a second boat, called the Obscura Bus. This bus is in essence, a floating camera, and those inside it can see projections of the city they're visiting. But the outside practically cloaks the vessel while in the water.

The two inventive artists began their travel adventure in Hamburg way back in November.

Since then, Markowicz and Schulze have been enjoying the experience of traveling around Europe in their 2boats. Of course, they don't have to worry about finding a fancy hotel to stay in when they've got a lovely interior like this.

If you're ever crossing a bridge in Europe, be on the lookout for these two amazing artists.

Chances are you'll see the two boats floating about in the river. So far, Markowicz and Schulze have managed to visit Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. And they're taking world traveling to a whole new level.

Traveling the streams and channels in Europe is all nice, but on occasion, they'll dock.

Once the vessels are secured, the collaborative artists are able to explore each city their visit and then return home for the night. Their goal is to study the environment and urban life of European cities through the use of photography.

At sunset, Markowicz gets to hang out at his silver Obscura boat for the night.

Schulze's wooden pontoon-style boat is a lot cozier and warmer looking if you ask us. But while the two artists are busy enjoying their trek through Europe, they plan to return to Hamburg in June for the Triennial of Photography Hamburg Fair, where they're bound to have plenty of photos to offer.