She Turns Her Floor Into A Masterpiece, And All It Takes Is A Jar Of Pennies.


How cool would it be to own a floor piece that's worth $130 in pennies?

Most of us are barely patient enough to count the change in our cup holders much less create a penny floor. But a Portland, Oregon DIY whiz by the name of Tonya Tooners decided to do it and it was certainly worth every penny, literally. The project wasn't easy. There were some obstacles along the way, like pets pooping on the floor and a couple of other penny colored setbacks. But in the end, she ended up with a floor that was perfectly designed and beautifully patterned and all it took was over 13,000 coins to make it happen.

It looks so nice and shiny and all it took was 10 bottles of Elmer's glue, some grout, a few pieces of wood and $150 worth of epoxy. Yes, the irony is not lost on us. The materials were more expensive than the floor.