There Is An Old Plane In The Middle Of A Costa Rican Jungle, And You Can Stay There...


This is the plane before being packed up and transported to the Manuel Antonio jungle.

Hotel owner Allan Templeton took this old retired plane and transformed it into an incredible suite for Hotel Costa Verde. Normally, a Boeing 727 would cost upwards of $500,000, but this was donated to the hotel from the San Jose, Cost Rica airport because it was old and needed to be removed.

It took 5 huge trucks to transport all the parts.

The plane had to be positioned piece by piece to get it right.

The front of the plane sits on a 40-foot pedestal and two balconies sit right on top of the wings.

It's truly a masterpiece.

The detail that was put into this suite is incredible.

The cockpit was turned into a bathroom with the view of the ocean facing the opposite end of the shower.

The dining area has a living area just behind it down a small set of stairs.

The living area is about 1 yard lower than the dining area. This gives the feeling of being more spacious since the ceiling is higher.

All the walls, floors, and rooms are covered with teak wood from Java, Indonesia to create a warm, comfortable feeling.

Despite a few tremors, Templeton calls it the "earthquake -proof home."

The view of the ocean from the balcony is breathtaking...

... and especially romantic at night.

If you'd like to stay a few nights in this high flying suite in the middle of paradise, you can get more information about the suite and the hotel that made it, Costa Verde by visiting their website.