People In Japan Are Turning Aluminum Foil Into Perfect Metal Balls And It's Immensely Satisfying.


The YouTuber Skytomo is blowing people's minds with the things he makes with aluminum foil.

Some of you may have seen the show Forged In Fire on the History Channel. Some of you may even think that you're an amateur blacksmith because of that show. A man in Japan has shown that you don't need an entire forge to be a blacksmith. Keep scrolling to find out how this man does incredible things with a roll of aluminum foil.

The first thing he does is roll up the entire box of foil into a large ball. Be careful doing this because aluminum foil can be sharp.


Then Skytomo uses a hammer to make the foil more compact.

He sped up the video, but it must have taken him a long time because he looked a little tired after that part was all done.

skytomo / YouTube

This project require a lot of hammering to make it flawless.

So unless you have a lot of time, this project probably isn't for you.


Next, you see Skytomo go outside to continue his hammering.

This goes on well into the night, but he had to make sure every little bump was taken out of the ball of foil.

skytomo / YouTube

He must of gotten tired because he enlisted the help of some children.

It looks like they enjoyed helping, though!

tomooo.25 / Instagram

Skytomo then put the ball into a towel, leaving the top exposed, and put it into a clamp.

He then began the tedious job of sanding every little imperfection down. After that, the video shows Skytomo putting the ball under the water to do some more sanding.

skytomo / YouTube

After all of that hammering and sanding it's smooth already.

But there's more work that needs to be done to make it perfect.


The next day it was time to polish the ball.

Using polisher, Skymoto ran a light sander over the ball repeatedly.

skytomo / YouTube

After he was done with the polishing it was time to wipe it clean.

Using a soft cloth, he wiped all of the excess polish off. Look how smooth and shiny it is!

skytomo / YouTube

He spent quite a bit of time polishing the ball.

After all, it was once nothing but a ball of rough foil.


It's so smooth now that you can see the light reflecting in it.

That's really impressive!


The transformation is unbelievable.

What started out at just a ball of foil...


Turned into a beautiful smooth ball.

He's extremely talented! Imagine all of the other things he could make with just a roll of aluminum foil!


Way to go Skymoto!

Keep making those videos because what you do is really incredible.

puchuco709 / Twitter

So the next time you look at aluminum foil you just might look at it differently.

Maybe it will inspire you to test your forging skills.

skytomo / YouTube

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Balls aren't the only things that can be made out of aluminum foil.


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