25 Food Facts That Will Feed Your Hunger For Fascinating Trivia.

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When you're born, you don't have fully developed taste buds. However, there is one taste we crave as infants anyway: Sugar.

If you consider yourself a foodie, you know much of what there is to know about your favorite snacks, tasty comestibles, and thirst-quenching beverages. You know how to pair wine, choose the best cuts of meat, and know which fruit to serve with which cheeses. But for all you think you might know about the good stuff -- or should we say, the food stuff -- odds are, you don't know many of the highly interesting facts on this list. This is the lesser-known food trivia that, once learned, can put you above and beyond the foodies in your circles.

These 25 fascinating food facts range from popular pizzas in Brazil, to nutmeg as a drug, all the way to what was originally inside your beloved Twinkies. Check them out below and prepare to get informed -- just be warned that while you're stowing away all of this knowledge, you're also going to work up a major appetite.

Lee Coursey