35 Foot Tattoos That Will Raise Your Flip Flop Game… #17 Is Dangerously Cool.

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Matching sparrows on each foot.

There was once a time when it was common for tattoo artists to refuse the request of a foot tattoo due to how dangerous they can be if infected. Foot tattoos can also fade very fast as your feet are constantly making contact with your socks and shoes. More tattoo artists today, however, are more lenient and will accept the request.

You might wonder why people would even want a tattoo on their foot in the first place - not only is it one of the most painful spots to get stabbed by an ink needle, it's also an area that isn't regularly exposed. Some people like to believe there's a certain charm to having a tattoo that peeks out every so often in unexpected areas. In actuality, foot tattoos can be really unique and interesting as you have two identical canvases (left and right foot) to work on and use to your creative advantage. All the people below, for example, have chosen their foot/feet as their tattooed canvas and they all came out beautifully.