Dad Wakes Up 2 Year-Old Dressed As Darth Vader, And It Backfires Hilariously.

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May the 4th is Star Wars Day, when Star Wars fans across the globe celebrate George Lucas's famous epic space opera. There are many different ways to celebrate the occasion. You can start with a simple "May the Fourth be with you" greeting to throwing a stormtrooper dance party like the Obamas did.

Frequent vlogger Rob Lopez decided to celebrate by waking up his 2-year-old son dressed as Darth Vader. He even requested and received his wife's permission to do so.

"My son Sebastian is a huge star wars fan and he loves Darth Vader," the proud father wrote on YouTube. "Thought it would be fun to see what happened if Vader woke him up in the morning."

At such a young age, theres no telling how the young boy would react to the surprise. Did he run? Did he fight? Let's just say that the force is strong with this one. Watch the video below to see what happened.

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