The 25 Best Water Fountains In The Entire World.

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Water Boat Fountain in Valencia, Spain

The world is filled with beautiful, amazing sights. A lot of them are right here in the United States and can be visited and seen quite easily. Others, however, are located all over the world and can’t be seen in person so easily.

Water fountains are some of the sights that can offer truly amazing views. There are plenty of those located here as well, but some of the more famous ones are located throughout the world. Today we will take you on a global trip to see some of these beauties up close. Pay close attention because some of what's coming up is truly breathtaking!

Lots of people have heard about some of the beautiful fountains around the world but never actually have seen them. Today we will change that for you. Starting with this boat beauty in Spain.

Alfredo Castillo (Tato Fredy)