So People Are Actually Tattooing Freckles On Their Face Now.

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Women wanting to have that ethereal, face fresh look often dab eye pencil to make freckles.

It seems there is a beauty trend popping up every five minutes. From no-heat hairstyles, Ash Balayage hair, braid to knots, copper nails, to charcoal face masks, these are for fun generally. For the most part, beauty trends are meant to work with what you have, highlighting your own, unique beauty.

We have to understand that just because something in vogue does not mean we have to torture ourselves to achieve a look through tanning beds, butt implants and corsets. But there are some trends that actually fight back at something that in the past was actually pasted over with heavy concealer because it wasn't considered necessarily beautiful.

In the past, women would use make-up to cover their freckles. In extreme cases they used bleaching creams and laser their skin to remove freckles permanently. Nonetheless, exposure to the sun would immediately make them pop up again.