From The SECOND This Skydiver Lets Go Of The Plane It Feels Like You’re THERE.

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It was written in the stars for Jesse “Tex” Leos that he would be flying among the clouds. The former college soccer player grew up admiring his dad, a paratrooper. It was not until September 2013, however, that Leos attempted his first skydive.

It would take one time for him to fall in love with the sport. The Houston resident sold all of his possessions and began working as a tunnel instructor within the year. Cinematographer Nick Lott recently shot a video of Laos free falling from an airplane.

Instead of the fast-paced, adrenalin pumping, visual expected from such a stunt, it is actually quite calming and peaceful. Using a 4K resolution, the ultra high definition captures every breathtaking color and detail that comes with flying in the sky.


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