This Barber Lets Kids ‘Pay’ For Haircuts With A Brilliant (Strange) Currency.

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A lot of people make casual conversation with the person that does their hair, updating them on the latest gossip and news in their lives. However, one barber is having a different conversation with his younger clients: He doesn't talk at all, but gives them a fresh, free hair cut while they read to him.

It might sound odd, but Courtney Holmes' idea is actually pretty brilliant. When children come in for a back-to-school haircut, he instructs them to grab a book and start reading while he cuts their hair. If the kids stumble over their words, he helps them out. As such, his chair became an incredibly popular place to be.

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"To be honest, I was amazed," Holmes said in an interview. "The line started with four kids, and next thing I knew it was like 20 kids, all waiting for a haircut and eager to read."

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Holmes says that he is planning to keep his haircut reading initiative going, especially because the kids seem to love it so much. What a great way to motivate kids - and get their hair looking sharp - just in time for the new school year.

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