This Diver’s 25-Year Friendship With A Local Fish Was Captured On Camera.

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Treat fish like friends, not food!

Everlasting friendships are truly rare to come by. A lot of friends come and go in our lives, but it's the ones who've stuck with us through the years that we have the strongest bonds with. These friendships are not restricted to just humans.

For example, Hiroyuki Arakawa has developed an extremely strong friendship with a fish named Yoriko. Their relationship so far has lasted 25 years and is on-going. Yoriko is an Asian sheepshead wrasse that hangs out with Arakawa every time he visits underwater. They even kiss when they greet and take multiple selfies together!

Although dogs have been dubbed as "man's best friend," we've learned that just about any species can act as man's best friend. This couldn't be anymore true for a local diver in the southern Chiba Prefecture of Japan.


Tateyama Bay in Japan is home to an extraordinary lifelong friendship.

We're talking about a real life friendship between a local diver, Hiroyuki Arakawa, and a fish named Yoriko.


For more than 20 years, Arakawa has taken on the responsibilities as caretaker for an underwater Shinto shrine.

He oversees the shrine and acts as a guide for others who desire to visit it.


Throughout these dives, he's made acquaintances with the local marine animals.

One particular friendly Asian sheepshead wrasse became much more than just a mere acquaintance.


Having met each other 25 years ago, Yoriko and Arakawa's relationship has evolved into a wonderful friendship.

Every time Arakawa visits the shrine, it is guaranteed that he'll see his friend. All he has to do is knock on a piece of metal and Yoriko immediately makes his way over to greet him.


While Arakawa tends to the rest of his duties, the large sheepshead wrasse will swim right beside him.

Yoriko makes sure to keep the diver company while he explores the dark depths of the bay. Have you ever heard of such a strong bond between a man and his fish?!


You don't believe that Yoriko perceives Arakawa as a friend?

In the video below, you'll see that Yoriko actually lets Arakawa kiss him on the head! This is the diver's special way of greeting his fish companion. His Facebook page is also filled with several selfies of the two.


The idea that fish are emotionless is a total misconception.

They are no longer considered as a species that doesn't have feelings.


In a recent study, it was discovered that fish are much more social and intelligent than we previously thought.

The quarter of a century long friendship between Arakawa and Yoriko is more than enough proof!


But Arakawa and Yoriko's relationship isn't the only human-fish friendship out there.

A group of fishermen have reportedly developed a bond of their own with local whale sharks.


**Watch the video below to see how Arakawa interacts with Yoriko underwater.**

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