They Felt Some Extra Weight On The Kayak… Then They Looked Around And It Made Sense.

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When this Orange County family took a kayaking trip to Santa Barbara on Valentine's Day, they knew that they would have an awesome time. What they didn't know was that they would be joined by the cutest kayaker ever. Luckily, they caught the whole thing on tape!


The sea lion pup hopped on board the family's kayak after spending several minutes pushing it. Apparently, helping them paddle wasn't enough - the sea lion wanted a place onboard.

Rodney Gist, the father in the video, was surprised to see the sea lion, but was totally happy to have him. Along with this kids, Gist kept paddling along while the sea lion got more comfortable and affectionate. Gist described the experience to his local news affiliate, KTLA:

About five, 10 minutes in, I was able to touch him and pet him. He was putting his head up underneath my arm, trying to get on my lap. I thought he was going to be slimy. He was more like dry, short-haired dog is what it felt like.

Gist might have gotten lucky - usually, it's not a great idea to pet a wild animal, no matter how cute it might be. However, this particular sea lion was in pretty good spirits, and didn't even object when the family named him. After a few minutes, Cecil the Seal Lion returned to the water from whence he came, leaving us with nothing but this adorable video. So long, Cecil, and thanks for coming along for the ride.

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