20 Serious Struggles Of Animals Who Love Winter Way Too Much.


"How do I escape it?!"

Depending on where you live, snow can be a source of pure joy or a major problem. I rarely get to see snow - I can count how many times I've been in it on one hand - so the former is true for me.

Animals respond to snow as diversely as humans do. Our beloved pets are already funny, but introducing them to a new environment can bring on a whole new level of entertaining.

Check out these 20 photos of animals playing in the snow. Their reactions are adorable and hilarious!

Note: If you bring your pet out into the snow this winter, make sure they are properly protected. According to ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), you can protect them from salt and harmful chemicals by massaging petroleum jelly onto their paw pads. In addition, you should wash and dry your pet's feet and stomach to remove any harmful products.


"It's a bit frosty out here..."

Olgierd Rudak

"Snow's cool, dude."


One step in the snow was enough for this cat.


Auditions for Santa are just around the corner.


"Is there something on my face?"

Mike Tungate

Aslan, you were supposed to be protecting the kingdom!

Tambako The Jaguar

"When life is good, it's good."


"We come in peace."

neal whitehouse piper

"Am I dreaming?"


Just a taste.


"Can you please direct us to the nearest spa?"

Koji Ishii

First dance in the snow.


Loving the contrast here.

Kathy Sunderman

"What do I do with it?"


"Doing as I please. You know, the usual."


Kisses in the snow are the best!

Donna Rutherford

"AGH! Human. There will be payback."


"Is my nose pink?"


"This stuff is AWESOME!"