Frozen Soap Bubbles Reveal A Side To Winter Most People Never See.

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Those of us who are parents or teachers are challenged by our children to learn something new every day. Sometimes this involves teaching things we already know in new and exciting ways. Pawel Zaluska, a Polish photographer and filmmaker based out of Warsaw, faced this challenge when his 3-year-old daughter refused to put her jacket on.

In response to her fussing, he explained to her that "it is very cold outside." When she asked, "How cold?", Zaluska wanted to answer as fully and as creatively as possible. On his Vimeo, he wrote that it was so cold that even soap bubbles freeze, and decided to film a video to verify it.

"It wasn’t easy to capture those bubbles because only around 5-10% of them didn’t break instantly," he wrote. "And as you can imagine it was a challenge to be patient at -15 Celsius ;) but it was worth it because now that my daughter has seen it, winter is magic for her."

Even though we're a bit older, it's magic for us, too! See the video here:


Make sure to check out Zaluska's Vimeo page and official site.

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