18 Sign Makers That Deserve An A+ For Sense Of Humor.


You'll be having some serious flashbacks to the last time you heard the band "Kansas" sing this.

It's always important to look for signs when you're out and about. They not only tell you where to go or warn you of dangers, they also have the ability to crack you up. Anything goes with these hilarious signs from dry jokes, to puns, and even music references. Then again, who doesn't love a funny sign, especially when you're having a bad day? These signs are so unexpected that they'll definitely turn that frown of yours upside down, even if you're going cray-cray at the airport. So enjoy this collection and remember that the key to happiness and de-stressing lies in our ability to laugh at the little things in life.

Sadly, you will always remember that you'll never be able to get rid of your rowdy kids at the airport.


If you want to make snow angels, you better check the ground first to make sure it's all snow.

This is great advice if you want to avoid smelling like the inside of a port-a-potty on your way home.


Talk about a passive aggressive way at getting back at a lady who gave you a bad review.

This totally proves that even bad publicity is good publicity if you know how to manipulate the sign.

This sister is so insane that you'll definitely be glad that she's not related to you in any way.

Way to really put the pink in your brother's cheeks! Good thing "Don't ask, don't tell" was abolished.


You're probably smacking your forehead with the palm of your hand with this sign.

Watch out! Those crocodiles on the side of the road will be cleaning their teeth with your bones.


Moses might have performed a miracle way back in the day when he parted the Red Sea.

In modern times, he would have had a heck of a bad time trying to do what this church suggested.


It's hard to resist Willy Wonka drawing you into this coffeehouse with his charm and humor.

Whoever drew this was a genius and should definitely get a raise from barista to advertising agent.


You can try to place the blame on someone, or in this case, something else, but you know the truth.

This sign has called you out on your B.S. Guess some things never do change, like our waist size.


To think that the only thing you had to worry about when you parked your car was getting a ticket.

Now you have to worry about a biblical conversion into the Baptist Church. What a freaking liberty.

We're sure that there are a lot of wives out there that only wish that this sign was legit.

Tip well because you of all people know that your hubby isn't the easiest person to deal with.

You have to love a church that dares to dip its toes in profane language while keeping it holy.

This sign is so divine that you'll be going "Hallelujah" but only if you get your ash to church on time.


This bar sign will have you laughing till your sides hurt, or crying if your name is Rick.

This is a subtle way to let someone know they're fired. Maybe everyone else can buy Rick a drink.


There are five stages of grief, but only three stages of life, and it doesn't look good.

With a sign this blunt, you'll be begging your mom to stick you back inside to avoid stages 2 and 3.


When you swear you'll never have alcohol again, but like Dory you already forgot.

With a sign this funny, you really can't resist going in. Guess one more beer wouldn't hurt too much.


We give this ice cream parlor some serious points for appealing to the chronically rejected singles.

It sounds like a sweet deal and at least you know it might break your wallet but not your heart.


Talk about having a major ego! This coffee shop sure knows how to sell their coffee.

If their coffee is as bad as their play on words, then the patrons here are in some serious trouble.


Are you allergic to sunscreen? Well Ireland's got the perfect alternative for you.

Not only will you be protected from UV rays, but you'll be of good cheer by your fourth glass of ale.


And the award for the most redundant sign in existence goes to this company.

Okay, sure. We'll make like a tree and leave, but only so you don't throw us out on the street.