I’ve Never Used Their Products… But They’ve Just Released The Funniest Commercial Ever Made.

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When news of a new pregnancy is announced, family and friends get together to throw the lucky mom-to-be a baby shower. The gifts for the baby are endless, but the mom is left out. It’s not until you come home from the hospital that you realize that despite all the best efforts, you may not have prepared the way you were hoping.

It’s our bodies that take the biggest hit by way of ongoing and often painful effects postpartum like cracked nipples, mastitis and bleeding.With the amount of changes in our bodies for nine months in addition to giving birth, it is no wonder that the body needs a lot of TLC.

All of this sounds pretty depressing but one company, HelloFlo, has turned to marketing gods and highlighted theses issues in a tongue-in-cheek and very funny commercial. Enter Postpartum: The Musical, a highly entertaining project and brainchild of one woman who has been thru the trenches following childbirth.

This show is a guaranteed hit, if only it were real.


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