In The Future We’ll All Live In Homes Like THIS… But Only If We’re Very Lucky.

We’ve all seen homes that push the creative envelope either in magazines or in the movies. Some look like marvels of geometry while others look like something out of science fiction. Architect Dionisio Gonzàlez let his imagination run wild in a series of artistic images titled, Trans-Actions.

In this collection, Gonzàlez not only designs mind-boggling houses but also attempts to maintain peaceful coexistence with nature. These “fairy tale” homes would make minimal impact to their natural surroundings. One of the things used to create this harmony is by incorporating pillars into each of the structures.

What makes the designs stand out is that he uses simple shapes to build detailed patterns and layers. Most people may have trouble picturing what it is like to live in one of these cool houses but who knows, one day they may be the standard.