The Cute Photos Of This Golden Retriever Will Actually Melt Your Heart… I’m In Love.

Dogs have a life filled with adventures where everything seems to be fascinating and waiting to be found and played with. Mali is a golden retriever who is lucky enough to have his human companion capture all of his new discoveries. Gabi Stickler takes her camera with her every time she takes Mali for a walk.

Based in Germany, Stickler gets up-close to Mali when he is making new friends such as: a firefly, mole, and a ladybug. What makes the images so special is how patient and sweet Mali is with the little critters. Every picture is beautiful enough to be put on a postcard. Stickler who calls her canine, “Mr Golden Retriever Mali” said the friendly pup even brings his best friend along, a plush named Teddy. This dog cannot be any more adorable.

Mali has had three surgeries in his short life but is always happy and making Stickler laugh.