34 Brilliant Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier And WAAAY More Snuggly.

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Bionic bird

It's the beginning of the New Year and making life fun and easy is a popular goal in 2015.

Among the barrage of tools and gadgets aimed at fulfilling this goal there are a few shining lights of creativity. Some of the more interesting items that appear to be the brainchild of some brilliant individuals are things that would make one come off looking like a pastry expert to an at-home tattoo application system.

Quite a few of the inventions are a techie’s dream-come-true from projectors that fit smart phones to video cameras that are about the size of an ice cube.

One has to think where these ideas are born, out of necessity or simply proving that even a creative long-shot can be achieved. Regardless of the thought process behind these neat inventions, there are quite a few on this list that would definitely add joy and convenience to anyone’s life.

Bird-shaped drone that is flown using your smart phone.