19 People Who Should Be Banned From Gardening Forever.

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At first glance, you're probably thinking, hmm... nice rack!

When people get bored, they tend to get creative, or think they are. Before long, they can't resist that little voice inside their heads that tells them that they can turn something mundane into something extraordinary, at least, according to them. Suddenly, no venue is safe from some really bad DIY fails, and that includes gardening. Don't believe us? Then check out this gardening fails that are simply too ridiculous and in some cases funny to believe. But before you, do we'd like to warn you one last time, if you have a green thumb and respect nature, don't look at these or you might have a coronary.

But that coat hanger is hideous, and who would have thought that a size 52 bra would make a nice planter? Uh, that would be no one! Maybe someone who likes kitsch?