25 Acts Of Vandalism That Are Almost Works Of Genius.

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Someone call the cops, there's a drain pipe bursting with all the colors of the rainbow!

When you hear the word vandalism, the first thing that comes to mind is that it's a crime. But what if we told you that some forms of vandalism are downright genius works of art? We're not talking about the usual juvenile disobedience often seen in bad neighborhoods. We're talking about vandalism at its finest, as in, they're so good they belong in a museum! So here are a couple of illegal pranks that are way too funny to ever be considered illegal. We just love it when people find humorous and creative ways of expressing themselves. If only we could see more of this stuff on the internet, it'd be great!

Now who would take so much time to knit such a colorful leak. It's like Care-A-Lot started hemorrhaging out of this pipe! We're surprised no one took all that yarn and turned it into a sweater.