This Baby Giraffe Might Be The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See… But His Story Made Me Sad.

Normally, zookeepers keep a close eye on the happenings of their charges, whether it be monitoring for illness, growth, or pregnancy. But sometimes, Mother Nature drops a bomb on everyone - and that's exactly what happened earlier this month at Switzerland's Zoo Basel.

After coming into work one morning to discover that a female giraffe named Sophie had given birth to a surprise calf, the staff had some investigating to do. A video camera revealed that Sophie became restless in the middle of the night, and a few hours later, Majengo was born.

Majengo's birth is an especially wonderful surprise for Zoo Basel, as the giraffes there are part of a rare subspecies known as the Kordofan - only 3,000 of these types of giraffes remain in the world.

Check out the adorable photos of mom and calf below - those knobby knees are going to absolutely kill you.