Finland’s Luxury Igloos Allow You To Sleep And Stargaze Under The Northern Lights.

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Levin Iglut is located in Finnish Lapland, just to the north of the freezing Arctic Circle.

There are so many incredibly beautiful places all over the world that we are fortunate enough to be able to witness. Some of these places are right in your backyard, but some places require quite a bit of traveling to get to. We're so lucky that all we need to do it get on a plane to relax on the gorgeous beaches of Fiji, or take a gondola ride in Italy. While I'm more of a fan of the warmer destinations, I would not hesitate to visit the igloos of Levin Iglut Golden Crown, in Finland. When most people think of igloos, they think of frigid temperatures, but these igloos couldn't be further from that vision. Take a look at this amazing hotel, and you might just find yourself booking a trip to Finland.

Levin Iglut