She Glues Glitter To A Boring Bedroom Wall, The Results… I Can’t Wait To Try This.


It's not a complicated process to make your walls shine with glamour.

When we are bored of looking at a room in our house, we quickly try to find ways to remodel or make the space look more vibrant and alive. Give it that extra touch that will make you smile when you walk in.

One of the easiest and fastest way to give your digs a makeover is by painting the walls. It may be the whole room or a feature wall. Changing the colour can change the dynamics in the room instantly. The next step is of course finding a colour that you will be in love with for a couple of years.

If you are going to make a statement with a feature wall, it makes sense to make it glitter! That’s what makeup artist Jennifer Bayer did for her wall and it’s absolutely stunning.

Large container Mod Podge

4 bottles of finely milled glitter

3 bottles of large glitter particles

1 bottle of gloss formula

Sponge paint brushes

1 putty knife

These products can be found at your local craft store.