15 Of The World’s Most Expensive Meals… Check Out The $25,000 Dessert.

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The $40 strip of bacon.

Forget saving up for your next trip this year. If you want try something completely new, how about going for a high-priced, extravagant dinner or dessert? You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate delicious foods, you may just need to make sure your wallet is filled with cash, a lot of cash.

When it comes to creating rich and unique dishes, it seems that edible gold is the standard. We have found the most expensive foods in the world. It’s hard to say how delicious each plate is, or just how full one will be when finished eating; but if one can afford to pay $100 for a plate of pasta, ordering dessert may not be a concern.

What do you get a bacon lover who has everything? How about a 23-karat, gold-dusted strip of bacon, covered in rich dark chocolate. Baconery offers this unusual treat at a mere $39.99 a strip. You know you won't buy just one.