This Bearded Grocery Clerk TOTALLY Nailed The Art Of Being A Human.

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The photo has gone viral with over 15,000 likes and over 6,000 shares on Facebook

Guardian angels walk amongst us. Or at least at the Sobeys grocery store in Halifax, Canada. Mary Cogswell, 72, is legally blind and has been a patron at the supermarket for the last six years.

During her weekly visits to the store, the employees help her get what she needs and walk her home to ensure her safety.

Last week, 22-year-old Austin MacNeill, one of the store’s employees, was snapped walking Cogswell home.

Terri Bordage Stevens was a passenger in a car. He was so impressed watching the kind act that he took a photo of the pair walking together and uploaded it on Facebook. Thus far, the photo has over 15,000 likes and close to 6,000 shares.

Cogswell said the help she receives from the employees make the challenging task of buying groceries a lot easier. “It’s good to know you got people who will take the time to help somebody,” she says.

MacNeill, who has worked at Sobeys for the last six months, is downplaying his sudden popularity.

“It’s just something we do every day so it’s nothing really out of the ordinary.”

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