This Romantic Horse Has Old Fashioned Dating Habits, At 0:08 I Became An Instant Fan.

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If you've been dating your significant other for awhile and they've made virtually no attempts to do anything kind for you, it might be time to consider leaving. After all, going the extra mile for someone is how they know you care, whether it be a meal, a romantic getaway, or in this case, a pile of hay.

That's right: This gallant galloper went out of his way to track down the tastiest hay he could find and brought it back to his beloved. Then, the two of them share a meal together and it's basically the cutest thing we've ever seen. Like Cosmopolitan magazine always says: If he doesn't bring you hay to munch on, he's just not that into you.

Layla's sweet boyfriend, T, bringing her a bite of hay to eat and giving her some kisses :-)

Posted by Jessica Munn on Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Next, find out why this horse is nicknamed Houdini.

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