22 Awesome Things Google Can Do For You. I Just Rediscovered #14 And Now I’m Stuck…

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Google can help you decide what to eat for dinner. 

Last year, 2,161,530,000,000 searches were made through Google, yet a majority of those people probably never knew Google can do SO much more…

We put together a list of helpful things Google can do for you, along with a few fun secrets that not many people know about.

You can use Google as a timer. 

It can give you the exact times for sunrise and sunset.

You can play the hidden game “zerg rush.” 

You can get the weather forecast of any city just by typing the city followed by “forecast.”

By using the “site:” keyword, Google will only give results for that website. For example, simply enter the phrase “site:lifebuzz.com penguins” and you will get only articles on the LifeBuzz website which are about penguins.

You can calculate exact tip amount for your meals. You can also adjust the percentage and number of people dining.

You can check your flight status.

Make Google do tricks for you.** **Type the words “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens…

Type the word “tilt” and watch what happens.

Google can tell you when your favorite show is on…

Google can tell you when the release date for a movie is.

Plus movie times and locations.

It can give you information on any company.

You can have Google find songs by bands you like.

Type “Atari Breakout” into Google images for a nostalgic blast from the past.

Google can convert for you.

It can translate for you.

Do a search for “recursion” and get stuck in a loop…

It can give you all the books written by your favorite author.

Let’s say you see a photograph on Facebook and you want to know where it originated.

Or you see a photo of a meal you want to recreate, but you don’t have the exact name to search for the recipe. You can use Google’s Reverse Image Search by dragging the image into the search tool. It will help you locate the original source of the image.

If you get tired of typing, Google can do a search for you by voice. Just click on the microphone icon and speak.

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