25 Funny Photos That NAIL The Difference Between A Friend And A BFF.


Because if they're not eating the cookie, they must have done something to it.

If you're lucky in this life, you get to spend it surrounded by as many friends as possible. But when it comes to friendship, there's a huge divide between those that are our friends, and those that are our best friends. Those are the people we can really be ourselves with, and not be (very) embarrassing doing it.

So what's the difference? We've compiled some images below that will give you some ways to discern the two. Think of your closest partner-in-crime and ask yourself: Why are they more than just a regular, run-of-the-mill friend?

Because when it's real, it's real.

Because you're in this together, no matter what.


Because they know that you'll know what they mean.

Because they just like to mess with you.

Because they might as well be family.

Because they're always willing to divert attention from your terrible choices.


Because they know how much you need this.

Because you need a little push.

Because they're comfortable insulting you while simultaneously getting help from you.

Because even if you're best friends, it's every man for himself.

Because it's totally true.

Because the cat just won't do.

Because they don't pull punches.

Because they know how to kick back.

Because they're willing to sacrifice themselves for you.

Because they're too comfortable around your mom.

Because you never get an opportunity like this.

Because they're not your mother.

Because you're always in sync.

Because they're always down for it.

Because you can be honest with yourselves.

Because sometimes, you're the couch.

Because you'd do the same to them.

And finally, because you're basically the same person, for better or for worse.